Vertigo has been providing rope access and working at height solutions to the industrial and commercial sectors since 1993.


Vertigo High Access Adelaide regularly performs a variety of rope access and high level industrial services, for some of Australia's biggest companies. With several contracts in various industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing, farming, and offshore operations, Vertigo’s tradespeople will be sure to meet and adhere to all induction, training, and certification requirements that may be required to perform work on any particular site.

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We offer solutions such as:

  • Rope access inspection, maintenance and repairs

  • Height safety systems and walkway supply and install

  • Tower inspections

  • Confined space work

  • Concrete core samples

  • Concrete inspection and remediation

  • Silo internal and external inspection and maintenance

  • Bridges, dams, mine sites, remote locations

  • High access problem solutions

  • Height safety supervision and standby

  • Steep terrain rock scaling

  • Rope access surveys and assessment

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